I started this blog as a response to the question of why art matters, for me personally and in society. Pictures and words, chanting and performance, have been forms of expression, communication, and education since the beginning of human civilization. I am a passionate advocate for nurturing the creative process and supporting the visual and literary arts.

Over the years, AhhTo Be Humble, has evolved to include my writings on all that I find timeless and timely. I write on nature, social and current issues, my travels and adventures, and anything that inspires me to write and share. I share my subjective lens on what catches my curiosity and interest.

I was told that if I write a blog I should choose one thing to focus on that I am passionate about or an expert on. I thought, “What one thing am I passionate about?” I couldn’t come up with just one. Then I thought, “How does one become an expert at something? Is it by authoring many books on the subject? Is it by writing a syndicated column for ten years? Is it from having a doctorate degree on the subject? Is it in spending 10,000 hours at one endeavor? If so, then I am not an expert on anything. I spent hours and hours talking to myself about this dilemma. Fair warning: this blog is written with passion but without expertise.

Blessed to live in Northern California. Nature and art inspire me every day.        ~Katherine Meadowcroft


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