Love, Marriage, and Human Rights

Proposition 8 is unconstitutional! What a timely decision too, in February, the month of Love.

Robert Mapplethorpe, Ken Moody and Robert Sherman 1984 courtesy of

Our democracy stands behind equitable justice. It is for equal human rights, for everyone regardless of gender, race, or religion. (Which also includes human rights for minors, those with economic disadvantage, and the disabled.)  Our democracy promises for a distinction of church and state. Yet church and state are inextricable. In our real world this separation becomes blurry because, money rules both the sacred and the secular. The government stands for the right to worship in a church, temple, synagogue, mosque, or sitting under a tree philosophizing. The state provides legal rights for married couples. These rights are for insurance, taxes, medical assistance, and property protection. These human rights are not protected or provided by the religious doctrines, they are provided for and protected by the government for its people. In our ideal democracy the religious sector does not make the laws or influence the government–the people do. Our democracy acknowledges and stands behind the unalienable right for two people to consummate their commitment to each other through a civil marriage.

David Hammons, Boy with Flag 1968 courtesy of

Dorothea Tanning, Portrait de Famille 1952-54

Furthermore, February is black history month. Let us look back at the progress made from the impact of black solidarity movements in the 1960s.  Also, consider the advancement for women since the women suffrage movements that spanned 100 years finally achieving to a winning vote in February 1920. These movements brought forth human rights for Black Americans and for women. There is an indomitability of the human spirit when it comes to standing up for human rights. Together blacks, women, gays, and all humans – we can form solidarity for human rights. We can progress toward a more perfect world.  With every movement our democracy progresses to more perfect reality where there will exist equality for all.


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